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 Electronics and Software Development Center

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Witblaze solutions is Ireland based freelancing firm offering product design services in Electronic Hardware, Print circuit board Layouts, Embedded Software, Website and Web application design. We also have a operating unit in India and offer solutions to wide range of Markets across the Globe. With a vast knowledge and experience is Product engineering and Information technology we serve all your technology needs whether it be Rapid prototyping, POC to the actual Finished Product. 




We offer wide range of Hardware development solutions catering various domains like Vehicle Electronics,Video/Camera electronics, Medical electronics, Aerospace, Energy generation and measurement and so on. Our expertise include various micro controller platforms ranging from ARM7,ARM9, ARM Cortex, PIC18, PIC32, dsPIC and AVR. Our experts have several years of experience in EMC, High speed circuits, RF/Antenna, FPGA and Audio/Video engineering domains. 

We have a strong team of embedded software engineers with a wide experience in C,C++ and python. Our engineers are experts in implementing protocols like Bluetooth, BLE, GPS,WiFi,  Zigbee and various micro-controller architectures like ARM, PIC, dsPIC and AVR. Our engineers strive hard to come up with the best possible firmware solution for you so that you can bring out the product to the market in shortest possible time. 





We have a team of highly qualified layout engineers who are experts in their field and have mastery over design software's like Allegro, Orcad, Pads, Eagle and Kicad. They have extensive experience in Power supply design, RF designs, High speed circuits, Signal integrity, EMC and DFM. We offer all services related to PCB right from Schematic entry to component assembly.

We are a company responsible for connecting offline business to online world. We provide web development solutions which include website design and web application design. With hands on experience in the later technologies like node js ,angula ,react js ,python ,blockchain, java ,ASP .net ,MySql ,Mongo Db. we are focused on digital innovations and bringing your Ideas to life.



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